Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Natural resources and associated problems

The unequal consumption of Natural resources;currently a major part of our natural resources are consumed in the technologically advanced or developed world usually termed as 'the North 'The devoloping nations of'the south' Including India and china also overuse many resources are of their greater human population .However,the consumption of resources per capital(per individual)of the developed countries is up to 50 times greater than in most developing countries advanced countries also produced over 75% of the Global industrial waste and greem house amd gasses (GHGs).
Energy form fossil is consumed in much greater quantities in devoloped countries.Their percpita consumation of food is also much greater and they waste enormous quantities of food and other products ,such as packagung meterial used in the food industry.The USA ,for example with just 4% of the worlds population consumes about 25% of the world's resources.
Producing animal food for human consumption requires more land than that required for growing crops.Thus the contries that are highly dependent on non-vegitarian diets need much larger areas for pastureland than those where the people are mainly vegetarian.

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